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“Church Folk” the Play

Church Folk  is my first play that I have ever directed.  I recieved the greatest honor of being asked to take on this difficult job.  I am a Theatre major so because I had some experience, I got asked to be the director and that’s a huge job to take on.  This is a job that Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson does as part of their acting career.  They even act in some of their own productions as well.  Directing is a career that I want to do in the later future, when I am done with all the acting that I want to do.  Putting on the play had some stressful moments and exciting moments.  I met some new friends and overcame a huge challenge of being the leader of this big project.










I started rehearsals for the play two weeks before the Christmas break and then it was the actors job of having all of their lines memorized by the time we came back for the spring semester.  And surprisingly, all of the actors did have their lines memorized when we came back to school which I was so happy for.  We rehearsed every night for 2-3 hours at the Spirit & Truth Worship Center in Downtown Statesboro.   The big show was last night, January 28,2012 at the Nessmith Lane Performing Arts Center, which is right on campus.  To hold an event in this building is a big deal.  I can compare it to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Ga for a college student like me that is just starting in the entertainment industry.  The whole play consisted of Georgia Southern students,  they were the actors and even the backstage crew, the makeup artists and the wardrope.  I had a lot of help to put on this production and it was a huge success.  There were so many people that came out to see it.  The Pastor of Spirit & Truth Worship Center wrote the play, produced it and even had a role in it.   Church Folk had many messages for everyone.  The play focused on the issues of the first family of the church and it showed people how many Christians have issues and how they got through them.  They have to lean on God for that support.