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Lesson Learned in Leadership

Currently I’m enrolled in one of the Georgia Southern exclusive leadership courses to complete my ensemble of this subject and about a couple weeks ago our class learned, in the most interesting fashion, about asking for support from others. LEAD 1000 or “Self Leadership” is a course that teaches you about the leader within yourself by tapping into your personal abilities, values and strengths. This particular week we were rounded up as a class and asked to meet at our physical activity center. From there, our instructors took us towards the thicket of trees by the building where we were blindfolded. What I thought was about to become a lesson in hazing actually turned out to be a fun, simple activity that taught a commonly overlooked factor of leadership.


The thicket had an area called the “ropes course” in which many ropes were tied to many trees in a maze-type fashion. Our goal was easy (or so we thought), get to the end of the maze by following the rope you think will lead you to the end while blindfolded. The only rules applied were 1. You could only move by holding a rope, 2. You could either ask “Am I done yet” or 3. “Can I have some help”? As one of the older members of our class my pride shot through the roof at the opportunity to be a shining role model of how a leader gets it done when the odds are against him.


Turned out however, that this task was easier said than done since the only way out of the maze was to “ask for help”. Without doing that you would’ve been circling these trees infinitely. With that being said, after a good 20 minutes blindly running around I finally let go of my “lone wolf” drive and gave into rule three. Moments later my instructor came towards me in the maze and told me, “take of the blindfold, you’re done”. Once I took off my blindfold believing to have succeeded anyway, to my amazement, more than half my class was looking dead at me from the sides of the maze smirks and all. At that moment the message was clear, “don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially as a leader”. This was all I could think about as I smiled and took my walk of shame to join my fellow leaders-in-training.

The “Who Will You Be” Movement

Recently, the SOAR Team of 2011 has been busy helping the new and incoming students make a statement on campus. This movement has been dubbed “Who Will You Be?” and is a call to action for individuals to display their very best professional attributes. The cast is comprised of 12 role models each doing their absolute best to bring out the very characteristic in people that they represent. For example; here’s the first post from the COMMITTED ”Who Will You Be” Ambassador:


“Commitment is an act, not a word.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

And not just any act, these are acts that signify trust, responsibility and reliability . You are trusted beyond another’s own ability to accomplish something themselves. You are responsible to know how to accomplish this commitment. Finally, you are reliable enough to do it all again. To say that one carries the attribute of commitment is an entitlement bearing gratitude, that one is a foundation for themselves and others. My Name is Dante Porter, I’m a Junior Accounting major from Warner Robins, GA, here at Georgia Southern University, and I…am Committed.

So, what is being committed? More than likely when people think of being committed, some of the first thoughts they have are upholding things such as relationships, matrimony, contracts, and so on. While these are of relevance and certainly require a mature level of commitment, is that what you are to limit yourself to?  The big moves in life? Can you commit without reward? Or only when you have too?  I believe you all as students and myself can come up with more instances of honest commitment in something easily overlooked, and the benefits of it. Like Jean-Paul Sartre said above, these examples are mere words. Time to act.

Like my fellow “Who Will You Be” Ambassadors on this site, with my blog post, I want to be able to show you the raw potential of being “committed” and, once utilized, the many positives it has on our wonderful campus. Through my own experiences and trials tied together with your reactions and responses to these entries, count on Team Committed to be one of the strongest foundations for Georgia Southern to fall back on!

So…Who Will You Be?

If you enjoyed that entry here’s a link where you can see what all the role models are up to!

I Am Committed

Dante Porter as "Committed"

Back in Action

Friday afternoon had finally shown itself after a dull and standstill week and I couldn’t wait any longer for this 1 o’clock class to let out. I was anxious about my 2nd retreat with one of my first alliances since becoming an eagle, the Student Government Association (SGA). Every year the SGA gathers its dedicated team and takes them on a mission of teamwork, organization, and communication to instill mutual bonds amongst colleges and the Senate as a whole. Didn’t think it would happen but after many clutch pep-talks from some of these selfless and respectful leaders, I found myself back with more passion than ever before in the SGA.

Glad to be back.

Senator Porter - College of Business Administration Junior Accounting Major

Senator Porter - College of Business Administration Junior Accounting Major

SGA Executive Board

SGA Executive Board

The SGA is primarily a liaison between the student community and the GSU Administration and faculy/staff. We hear the concerns students have for their campus and bring to the “higher ups” a.s.a.p. to find a solution to the situation post-hast. And thats only one small part of the SGA’s role on campus. The SGA is branched typically how you’d imagine administration to be with a slight twist to it. You’ve got the President, the Executive board members, and the Senators, branched separately in representation of their affiliating college, all ready to lead and serve to the best of his or her ability. Even the Dean of Students, Dr. Georj Lewis, offers his invaluable time and experience to the team as well.

With this post, I wanted to let those reading that have been concerned or in the dark about SGA know that they have some prime student representatives that want to assist their college and peers to the best of their ability. The cast of student leaders that I met on that bus ride are a vibrant, colorful group each offering diverse approuches to all situations thus finding the ultimate answers. This is just a brief overview of my first interaction with the newly elected senators, more to come in my next post!

SGA 2011-2012

SGA 2011-2012



Sweet Power-Up!

Lately, there’s been this captivating wind about Recreation Activity Center (RAC) that has me that much more impatient for the remainder of the year. During this late visit I was struck with such intense nostalgia that I felt when shared, would remind us why we should take advantage each and every day of this wondrous facility of sweat and iron.

When I first entered GSU through SOAR as a student going through the Eagle Incentive Program, (EIP) there was something I vividly remember to this day that Greg Stephenson, Student Affairs Operations Specialist of the C.R.I. department, lectured to us about the RAC. The majority of college students witness their biggest decline in physical activity during this time of organized enlightenment. And, those that do participate in what the RAC has to offer average an overall higher GPA than those that don’t. As half-hearted as I felt about that statement back then, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. And what followed after that would set my decision in stone. Plus, you’ve already paid for it, why NOT utilize it?

The RAC has to be the greatest monument of physical activity I’ve ever seen (keeping in mind that I’m a military brat from the suburbs of D.C.). To this day, it still boggles my mind every time I overhear one of the Campus Recreations & Intramurals (CRI) reps or a Southern Ambassador (GSU tour guides) describe the interior design of the place. 8 Basketball courts, Indoor Track, Spinning Studio, Auxiliary Gym, Southern Adventures, 1st floor free weights, 40+ Cardio machines on the 2nd floor, outdoor AND indoor pool…etc. The list goes on and on (You’d honestly be reading a 3 paged, single spaced blog if I did the RAC proper justice!). Trust me; you’ll get an eye full of this “exercise candy land” before you even make it through the second door of the entrance.

So I guess this is just a little reminder about the candy in the priceless vase. If you, as a schedule stacked student or a highly respected faculty/staff member, haven’t given yourself a well-deserved visit to the RAC, do yourself a favor. A massage, an adventure, a pickup game, a challenge, and so much more is just waiting for you to unwrap and enjoy all its flavors. So don’t just eyeball it anymore, dip in that vase, take what’s yours and most importantly, have fun with it. Just remember though…don’t break anything.

215,000 sq ft of pure fun, the RAC is easily one of the biggest physical activity centers at Georgia Southern University

215,000 sq ft of pure fun, the RAC is easily one of the biggest physical activity centers at Georgia Southern University

The Journey…Continues (An Introductive Narrative)

“Gather round the flock you birds of prey…got a little story to tell.”


“There it is, the first alarm clock buzzer of a new semester. The first and last one he’ll ever be this anxious for. Rise and shine Eagle.”

“With a quick rub of the eyes, his feet hit the floor with thunderous excitement and it’s off to the shower. The kid is dressing to impress today, and wants to earn bonus points with the campus with his new bottles of body fragrances, keeping in mind that less is more. He chooses the pit-pit-chest deodorant technique to lay down his scent and with a proper brush of his hair and teeth he’s already sprinting to his cloths, pressed and plucked the night before of course. Now fully dressed he dawns his signature accessories; fitted ball cap, Dad’s dog tags, 2 “Get Involved” wristbands, 2 stud earrings and searches for what no student goes without. In the corner of his room he spies it. He hurls his book bag across his shoulders (the lightest it’ll EVER be) and adjust it so the SOAR logo printed on the back is as visible as ever, as he murmurs to himself, ‘Let’s do this’. With keys in hand he turns to the front door, opens it, and locks it. There’s no turning back now, our young eagle is ready to take flight.”

“The kid hops in his car and whips it something fierce to the stadium parking lot, yet taking heed to traffic laws. He steps out the vehicle to notice the bus stop and two handfuls of students, just as anxious as himself, trying to make it to that first morning class. Kid looks at his watch and realizes his urgency and jumps bandwagon with the other students. Miraculously he fits himself into the very first transit that picks up the students yet frowns as he reaches for one of the safety grips on the bus. The guy next to him forgot the pit-pit-chest technique this morning, yuck.  Bear with that tailwind little eagle, you’re almost there.”

“The transit just hit campus bounds, yet in his excitement, Kid gets off two stops early. Not a problem to our eagle friend though since he’s going to enjoy this brisk walk. The weathers always perfect the first day of class and the scenery is just as gorgeous. He soon makes it to the pedestrian and immediately, no instinctively, the difference between the summer and fall terms  is obvious. Kid trades many ‘hellos’ with all friends old & new and reunites with the best of. Even after such a long break this is not the time to talk now. Its 8 minutes till 12:30 Business Intelligence and there was still a ways to go. Fly little eagle, fly.”

“He soars down the end of the pedestrian reaching the Information Technology building (one location he was well acquainted with) and makes a break for the third floor. The IT building was still as marvelous as it was last year: smart classrooms, gadgets, gizmos, and flat-screen plasma televisions filled the building with an essence that would ignite a “nerd-gasm” in anyone within its walls.  As he makes it to his classroom, Kid hears his name about to be called on the roll. With seconds to spare, the kid busts in the room nearly out of breath and yells, ‘Dante’ Porter! Junior Accounting major from Warner Robins, GA! I’m here!’ He makes it to the nest.”

“Old habits die hard Kid. Welcome back.”

Hope you enjoyed reading this little story as much as I did writing it! Once again my name is Dante Porter and I’ve got a lot of great experiences I’d love to share with you all about this wonderful university. So, after an adventure like that, I would love to know how your first day started and went in the Eagle nation! Let’s talk at