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Moving On

It’s strange for me to be sitting here and writing this post. I guess it’s because I know it’ll be my last post and my last chance to share with you all about my undergraduate career. While I still have two more finals to complete, it really feels that the end of my time in Statesboro is hear. My younger brother came down from Nashville yesterday to help me pack up my house. Some family will be in town tomorrow and my parents will be here Friday. I guess it’s time to walk across the stage and into the next chapter of my life.

As I look back on my time here at GSU and think of one thing that sticks out to me, I’d have to say that the friends I made here are going to be the best memory I take away. From great roommates (and one’s I wished I didn’t have) to my friends at a new church that we started here in town, I’ll always remember them and the things we did here in Statesboro.

My advice to you… Make every moment count. One day, you’ll be sitting in your room and realize that graduation is only three days away. Georgia Southern University taught me so much and I know you can take away great memories and life skills from GSU.

ArtsFest 2012

This past weekend was ArtsFest here at Georgia Southern. Each year, the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art puts on a huge festival on Sweetheart Circle for the community to enjoy. Last year, I worked at ArtsFest as a volunteer and made balloon animals for the kids (and the occasional college student who asked me for some absurd balloon.) This year was the 30th year for ArtsFest here at Georgia Southern, and I have to say that it was by far the best one yet!

My Aunt, Grandmother, and two cousins (3yr old & 1 yr old) made the 300 mile journey to Statesboro to enjoy ArtsFest this year. Carson loved seeing all the people dressed up (from Theatre South I’m guessing) and the inflatables. If you ever have the chance to attend ArtsFest, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s just one more great event at Georgia Southern that shows how fun our community is.

Spring at GSU


It’s spring here on the GSU campus and I can never get over the fact that we have the most beautiful campus anywhere around. I walk to campus every morning at about 7:30 and take the same path every day. I just wanted to share my view from this morning with you to show you what I mean when I say that GSU has the most beautiful campus around.

Spring Break

This Spring Break was the first of my college career where I was able to spend it at home with my family. Freshman and Sophomore year, I spent my spring break (and birthday) with the SOAR Team as we traveled to the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop. This is an annual conference where orientation leaders from schools all over the south come together to learn how to make our orientation programs the best they can be. Last year, I spent my spring break serving in Southeast Asia teaching English with some of my good friends from the BCM. That was the experience of a lifetime! But this year, I got to spend my break at home!

There’s just something so refreshing about being at home with your family and having the luxury of doing absolutely nothing with your days! My mother teaches 5th grade and it was not her spring break, dad was at work, and my little brother is a freshman at Belmont University in Nashville, TN and he had just completed his spring break, so I had the house to myself. I’m generally so busy here at GSU that I never get a chance to simply slow down and breathe. That’s why I am so thankful that I got to stop and do nothing for a while.

I mentioned above about the SOAR Leaders’ trip. I want to share a video from YouTube of this year’s team performing in the Song, Skit & Dance competition.

Get Involved to Have an Impact

“You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed by the won-loss record of the referee.” – John H. Holcomb

I was doing a devotional late last night and my Bible had this quote in it from John. H. Holcomb. It says that in order for us to make an impact, we must get involved. I was thinking a lot about how we get involved and what our motives are for doing things.

Do I get involved in things simply for the pleasure of getting recognized? I’d like to think that answer is no. When I look back over my time here at Georgia Southern, my involvement record is staggering. I’ve been a member, council member, team leader, vice president, organizer, director and that list can go on and on for many different groups. But what’s going to happen when I’m gone? Will those things still carry on? Georgia Southern has been around since 1906 and I’m positive that life at Georgia Southern will carry on as usual. As a student, what is my “lasting mark” on this place? What have I changed for the better?

I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in such great organizations and I’d like to think that some of the changes I’ve made in those places will continue to carry on. I’m on the leadership team at a new church called South Bridge here in town, and I’d like to think that what I’m teaching my team will continue to grow and their passion for what they do will carry on when I leave Statesboro on May 12th.

If we don’t get involved in things, there is NO way we can make an impact. There’s nothing that can change if you don’t go change it. We’re not impressing anyone by simply watching what’s happening. So, what’s my recommendation to you? Go do something with your time here at Georgia Southern University! 

First of the Last

This morning, I’m sitting here in the Chick-fil-a on campus getting ready to go to work. That’s when it hit me. This is the last first week of my last semester of college! Sure there MAY be some kind of graduate level work in my distant future, but for now, this is it! My classes have been going very well this week. Monday was MLK day and the University did not hold classes that day. Tuesday started off with US History, a class which I’ve been putting off for far too long. It’s a rather large class that meets in the Union Theater. It’s funny that even though this is a class with over 200 people in it, it really feels no different than any other lecture class I’ve had. Georgia Southern focuses on creating a small feel, and I really think that happens on our campus. We have a S.I. for our class that is there to be a supplemental instructor. I’m familiar with this because Morgan is a S.I. for several chemistry classes.

Next, It was time for my major classes! I’m taking a class called Screen and Specialty Printing where we focus on screen and a couple other specialty printing techniques. This is a very hands-on class that allow us to be creative in what we do for our projects. Each project is different and unique. Wednesday morning began with my Color Reproduction Class (“Colour” for my English friend Charlie) where we look at accurate color usage and techniques in a professional environment. There’s also some type of lab component that I’m sure I can fill you in on later. Wednesday afternoon, I take an Environmental Biology class followed by Multimedia Presentations. Another major class that focuses on different types of presentation methods. Thursdays are just like my Tuesdays and Wednesdays are just like my Mondays. Friday Morning, I have an Environmental Biology lab class that looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! We were told to be ready to go outside next week.

All in all, it’s going to be a busy semester for me. I’m taking 21 hours and still working in the Office of Orientation and Parent Programs. I feel like if there’s one thing I’ve gotten very good at these past few years, it’s been balancing my classes and personal life.


Finals are just around the corner and campus is busy with people who realized that they need to fit an entire semester of studying into a few nights in the library. I have a class that meets at 5:30pm in the Art building, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to park on that side of campus. But, exams mean that there’s a break just around the corner! This Christmas break is desperately needed and will give everyone a time to rest and prepare for this upcoming semester.

A few days ago, Morgan and I were talking and we mentioned that this is our last fall semester exam week ever! While I’m so excited to get out of here and move on with my life, it will be bittersweet. When I think back on all of the great experiences I’ve had here at GSU, I’m reminded of all the friends, memories, classes, and good times that I’ve had. I’m ready for this break and I can’t wait to prepare for my upcoming final semester!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for all of the life-long friends that I’ve made, and all of the unique opportunities I’ve had here at GSU. I hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving today!

So Close I Can Taste It!

Thanksgiving break is JUST around the corner. I feel like this semester, though it’s been full or great experiences for me, has been very long. It’s time for a break. Thanksgiving Break starts here at Georgia Southern tomorrow after classes finish. I only have one class tomorrow morning and then I’m going to hit the road for my five hour trip back home to North GA. Each year, my family gathers at my grandmother’s house for a great home-cooked meal and then we usually end up setting up Christmas trees and getting tangled up in strands of lights. I’ll be sure to update you when I get back to campus!

The Legend of Sweetheart Circle

If you’ve been around Georgia Southern for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of the legend of Sweetheart Circle. If not, the short version of it is that if you walk around Sweetheart Circle three times with your significant other, you will one day marry that person. I can now tell you that it is true.

When I came to Georgia Southern in August of 2008, I got involved with the BCM and Freshman and Transfers council there. That’s where I met the most wonderful person. We became really good friends at the time and over a year ago, we began dating. Saturday night, Morgan and I went to Savannah for a fun evening to ourselves. We had dinner at a fantastic little restaurant called Leoci’s and then we went to the same bench on River St. that we visited on our first date to Savannah nearly one year ago. We sat and talked for a while and that’s where I asked Morgan to marry me. SHE SAID YES!

I now have Georgia Southern to thank for not only a great education and opportunities to get involved outside the classroom, but for introducing me to my future wife!