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Finals Week!!!!!

The school year is coming to an end.  The Henderson Library is packed 24 hours now because finals have started.  This is the time of the year where the campus is packed with students.  Everyone is opening their books, visiting their teachers and turning in last minute papers.  It is pretty exciting this time of year.  The seniors are getting ready to enjoy their last week of their college career and open the doors to the Real World.  This week goes by fast because classes are over and the exams are given within different time blocks.  Sometimes you may not have any final one day so you have the whole day to yourself to either study or do whatever you want .  Some people have three exams in one day and thats the most you can take in one day.  The week of Finals are exciting yet hectic.  There are no more social events because everyone is concentrating heavily on making good grades.  The summer time is almost here so once I am done with exams, I will run out my front door and yell “Yes I have made it!” :)

Peer Advisement!

Advisement is the busiest time of the semester for all faculty.  Students are meeting with their advisors for the next three weeks to talk about the classes that they need to take during the summer semester and/or fall semester of the next school year.  Juniors are also getting cleared for graduation during this time as well.  This is an additional appointment that Juniors make to meet with their advisor and they meet about all of the classes that they need to fulfill for their degree within the next four semesters.

Getting peer advised is highly recommended by a lot of advisors.  Some even require that their students get peer advised before the student comes and actually meets with them.  I am a peer advisor and this is my second semester doing this.  I was nominated by my professors of my major and I accepted to take this job.  Not only is it great volunteer hours because you do it for three weeks but it looks good on your resume.  The best part about being a peer advisor is that I get to register for my new classes before any other student in the whole university.  This is a major bonus.

During peer advisement, we peer advisors help students choose which classes they need for the next semester and we look through their file to see if they are on the right track towards graduation.  We make the job easier for the actual advisors.  I am a peer advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences which is the college my major is underneath.  I get to peer advise other majors that is also under the college and meet new people as I am doing all of this.  Georgia Southern has so many resources that students can use to help our lives easier and worthwhile at the university.  This is only one of the many resources that this school contains.

Valentines Day is almost here!

It’s getting close to it.  Valentines Day!  Every one is looking for that special someone or some people already have their special one.  The week before this holiday is filled with so much joy and love.  When you walk into in the stores, you see so many hearts and boxes of candy everywhere.  The campus are sponsoring different events that any student can attend to meet that special someone.  Its an awesome holiday that is celebrated so well, here at Georgia Southern.

“Church Folk” the Play

Church Folk  is my first play that I have ever directed.  I recieved the greatest honor of being asked to take on this difficult job.  I am a Theatre major so because I had some experience, I got asked to be the director and that’s a huge job to take on.  This is a job that Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson does as part of their acting career.  They even act in some of their own productions as well.  Directing is a career that I want to do in the later future, when I am done with all the acting that I want to do.  Putting on the play had some stressful moments and exciting moments.  I met some new friends and overcame a huge challenge of being the leader of this big project.










I started rehearsals for the play two weeks before the Christmas break and then it was the actors job of having all of their lines memorized by the time we came back for the spring semester.  And surprisingly, all of the actors did have their lines memorized when we came back to school which I was so happy for.  We rehearsed every night for 2-3 hours at the Spirit & Truth Worship Center in Downtown Statesboro.   The big show was last night, January 28,2012 at the Nessmith Lane Performing Arts Center, which is right on campus.  To hold an event in this building is a big deal.  I can compare it to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Ga for a college student like me that is just starting in the entertainment industry.  The whole play consisted of Georgia Southern students,  they were the actors and even the backstage crew, the makeup artists and the wardrope.  I had a lot of help to put on this production and it was a huge success.  There were so many people that came out to see it.  The Pastor of Spirit & Truth Worship Center wrote the play, produced it and even had a role in it.   Church Folk had many messages for everyone.  The play focused on the issues of the first family of the church and it showed people how many Christians have issues and how they got through them.  They have to lean on God for that support.



Spring 2012!

Happy New Year!  Everyone is coming into the new year getting ready for school once again.  The days are cold and all of the students are unpacking their sweaters and pants and moving back into their rooms.  The first week of school is exciting because everyone is reunited with all of their friends that they havn’t seen in a month and catching up on what happened during Christmas.  It isn’t hard to get back into the grove of things but it is a little exhausting.  With all of the run arounds of trying to find your new classes and getting to know your new teachers to purchasing all of the books that you need, the first week of school flies by.  The spring semester is so exciting because it’s a fresh start for everyone.  The beginning of every semester is a new start for all students.  There are so many organizations that are advertising all of the events and meetings that will be having. New opportunities come about for everyone to keep trying to get involved.  The spring semester of 2012 is going to be awesome and I can’t wait for what each day is going to bring.

2 more weeks left!

It has been a long semester with a lot of hard work but now it is coming to an end.  This fall semester has many memories that Georgia Southern created for everyone.  From the long hours of homework and studying to the extracurricular activities that students are involved in, this semester has been a great one.  Its almost time for the 5 week break that everyone needs to clear their mind from the hard finals that we are preparing for.

I have truly enjoyed my fall semester with my friends and my teachers.  I have learned alot of new things that will help me with my education as well as my life.  I have made new friends and kept my old ones.  This school semester has been a great one to write in my memory books.  Georgia Southern is a great campus to be at so you can gain those great memories.

Cold Days!

Statesboro’s weather is getting colder and colder each day.  The temperatures are dropping lower each day.  All of the students are pulling out their coats and boots and warming up before they walk outside.  Having colder days makes me anticipate Christmas. I love winter days at Georgia Southern, its easier to enjoy the outdoors here than during the summer.  The summer days are really hot here but I love everything about Georgia Southern.  I love snuggling in my bed during the winter days, reading a good book or watching some t.v.  The atmosphere is really special because there are so many holidays coming up.


It’s the end of October and there are so many events happening in the city of Statesboro.  The Kiwanis Fair came to town and its a nice size carnival, that has food and rides and fun houses at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds.  Georgia Southern students attends the fair every year and it is always a blast.  Then the Haunted Forest comes to Georgia Southern campus.  It’s located behind the stadium in the woods. Different organizations cooperates together and brings the ghosts, witches, and zombies out to scare the students as well as the city.  Admission is very reasonable, $5 and it gives you a good scare.

The next big event is Homecoming.  All of the Alumni of Georgia Southern come to Statesboro to visit old friends and to watch the Georgia Southern Eagles play a great game.  All of the students invites their family and friends to this great weekend.  The city of Statesboro is filled with many cars and all of the hotels are booked.  This is the biggest event of the school year and no one doesn’t ever want to miss it.

Georgia Theatre Conference!

GSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences hosted a statewide event this weekend and it was awesome.  High school’s from all over the state of Georgia came to enjoy the art of Theatre.  I volunteered this weekend and the city of statesboro and the campus of Georgia Southern was filled with High School buses.  There were over 1200 students here attending workshops and watching each other perform their One- Act plays.  It was a three day weekend of making new friends and seeing your old ones that you may have met last year at the conference as well as showing your unique talent as an actor or actress.

There was a segment of SETC auditions for students that wanted to compete  for the regional title next year.  Two students got chosen to go to Chattanooga, TN in March of 2012 and compete for the title.  GTC is meant for everyone to have fun and tons of more fun but it is also a chance for you to be awarded to compete in national festivals.  This conference is a chance for everyone to make a name for themselves because you don’t know who may be there looking for new talents.  The conference had a segment of recognizing one of the greatest Black Actors there is which was Ossie Davis.  Mical Whittaker, who was a GSU professor but now is a top scholar of Theatre here in Statesboro as well as other cities such as New York City,  knew Ossie Davis and directed a tribute in his honor.  Students of Dublin High, Statesboro High, and Georgia Southern participated in this tribute and created such an amazing show.  The tribute was a play about Ossie Davis’s life from when he was born to when he died and it explained how he became a world known playwright and actor.  After the tribute, Ossie Davis’s son Guy Davis, performed a concert and a legacy tribute to his father which was beyond amazing. The conference was very inspirational and fun.  It was awesome to be able to be a student of Georgia Southern and to be here to host such a statewide event. I will always remember this!

StompFest 2k11!!!!

It’s a campus wide event, where all of our NPHC Greeks come together and put on a step show.  The event was sold out in the Performing Arts Center with our Greeks competing against each other and our dance teams performing for us.  And you never know who may be there, because our special guest last night was our very up and coming R&B singer, Z Hundred! This is an event that started in 2010 so from it being a great success, I know that they will have this event happen for many years to come.