Valentines Day is almost here!

It’s getting close to it.  Valentines Day!  Every one is looking for that special someone or some people already have their special one.  The week before this holiday is filled with so much joy and love.  When you walk into in the stores, you see so many hearts and boxes of candy everywhere.  The campus […]

Is It Spring Break Yet??

Most of you out there are probably thinking, “What an unusual title for the FIRST post of the year!” In fact, this is a quite unusual first post, but it is definitely on that rings true. Though classes have only just started, there are so many things to look forward to this semester and spring […]

“Church Folk” the Play

Church Folk  is my first play that I have ever directed.  I recieved the greatest honor of being asked to take on this difficult job.  I am a Theatre major so because I had some experience, I got asked to be the director and that’s a huge job to take on.  This is a job […]

Gobble Gobble! It’s Almost Time for the Turkey Day Wobble

Well gang, it is that time of year again:  Thanksgiving.  Though there is still a week between me and being off for my break, I thought what better thing could I blog about than what I am thankful for, but Georgia Southern style.  To start off, I’m thankful for a successful open house this weekend. […]


It’s the end of October and there are so many events happening in the city of Statesboro.  The Kiwanis Fair came to town and its a nice size carnival, that has food and rides and fun houses at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds.  Georgia Southern students attends the fair every year and it is always a blast.  […]

Georgia Theatre Conference!

GSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences hosted a statewide event this weekend and it was awesome.  High school’s from all over the state of Georgia came to enjoy the art of Theatre.  I volunteered this weekend and the city of statesboro and the campus of Georgia Southern was filled with High School buses.  […]

Welcome to the Farm

When you think south Georgia, you probably don’t think about concerts, but maybe you should start.  Beyond the great artists that come to visit us here on campus (which rumor has it may include Bruno Mars later this fall!), some artists come and have concerts either in Savannah or in the surrounding area.  One of […]

Learn. Serve. Lead

Truett Cathy once said, “Nearly every moment of every day we have the opportunity to give something to someone else – our time, our love, our resources. I have always found more joy in giving when I did not expect anything in return.”  Though many place may find this to be true, I firmly believe that […]

StompFest 2k11!!!!

It’s a campus wide event, where all of our NPHC Greeks come together and put on a step show.  The event was sold out in the Performing Arts Center with our Greeks competing against each other and our dance teams performing for us.  And you never know who may be there, because our special guest […]

Football Season!!!!!

It’s the best time of the school year.  Its college football and NFL season.  Everyone is having their tvs on to all football channels whether it’s college or NFL.  People are throwing football gatherings where friends go to each other house and watch football.  Every one is attending their school football game and yelling the annual […]