Welcome Back!

To everyone out there in cyberspace, welcome back to the blog!  Sorry for the recent technical difficulties, but that is in the past and now it is time to catch you up on the last month of exciting events!  October (and early November) are my favorite parts of the year.  This is for one very […]

Great People, Great Times!

Boy, am I tired. I’ve just gotten back to my hometown after a long, four hour drive from Statesboro, and I sure am ready for bed! Though there’s a much needed 3-day weekend ahead in which I could blog later, (thank you, Labor Day!) I couldn’t sleep without sharing a few thoughts that I’ve accumulated throughout the past week. You […]

Back in the Swing

I can not even begin to describe how good it is to be back in the swing of things! Classes are going great, old friends are back from their summer adventures, and having a blast with the roommates. Our house does not have television service, and that is one thing that I’m very thankful for. […]