Jan 14

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1. U.S. News & World Report rankings of online graduate programs

Breaking news this week was the unveiling of first-ever rankings of online graduate degree programs by U.S. News & World Report. U.S. News ranked programs in education, nursing, business, and information technology (IT).

U.S News created four attributes on which to develop rankings: (1) student services and technology, (2) teaching practices and student engagement, (3) faculty credentials and training, and (4) admissions selectivity. As a result it is hard to determine exactly how we stack up.

Let’s start with the really good news – the new Master of Science degree in computer science (MS/CS). This program landed in the Top 25 in student services and technology, in the Top 10 in teaching practices and student engagement, and in the Top 5 in admissions selectivity. Outstanding!!!

Compared to the population of programs in the IT category, there were many more business (MBA) programs under consideration. Georgia Southern’s participation in the WebMBA program earned a Top 50 ranking in faculty credentials and training.

Personally I was disappointed that U.S. News would not consider the WebMBA program as a single program. Instead, they broke it up into its six pieces (representing the six schools that deliver the program), which made it hard for any one of us to appear in the upper tiers of the rankings.

Still, we need to be overjoyed at the MS/CS results. This program is in only its second year and already it is earning accolades for quality. Take a bow, CS faculty!!

Here are links to some of the stories in the media:


Georgia Southern University Press Release

http://www.thecoastalsource.com/default.aspx (Scroll to video player at middle of screen, click link to “Georgia Southern making academic splash”)


The Savannah Morning News


WTOC TV Savannah


Mornings UnPhiltered radio show, WWNS 1240 AM Statesboro


2. Spring semester kicks off next week

Georgia Southern will open its doors again on Tuesday to signal the beginning of the spring semester after a long holiday break. Early enrollment figures are tracking slightly ahead of point-in-time numbers from a year ago, but the final enrollment tally won’t be announced until the end of February.


3. Eagle Executive Briefings column in Business in Savannah (BiS)

In this week’s Eagle Executive Briefings column, “Alternative forms of credit grow,” published in Business in Savannah, Luke Pittaway explained the factors limiting job creation and economic growth.

Luke writes:

“If entrepreneurs can’t find funds to start and small businesses can’t find funds to expand, we face a serious investment crisis that will impact job creation. Uncertainty in markets may be holding back large corporations from creating new jobs, but the ‘credit freeze’ is killing the job creation potential of entrepreneurs.”

Luke goes on to describe a novel governmental approach to financing new ventures in the United Kingdom. He also identifies internet sites that specialize in “crowdfunding” and if you don’t know what that term means, then you definitely need to click on the link below and read Luke’s column:


Business in Savannah


4. Free Enterprise column in The Savannah Morning News

Michael Reksulak’s used his last Free Enterprise column of 2011 to look back at his predictions for the year and give us an update on how accurate his predictions were.

He writes:

“For 2011, my expectation was that the economy would ‘grab onto the silver lining beyond the dark unemployment clouds.’ Some uplifting monthly reports notwithstanding, that did not happen.”

Don’t fret Michael. At least you have the integrity to assess your 2011 predictions. Almost every other “expert” just keeps on predicting and never bothers to let readers know how far off they were.

So, on to 2012. What is in store for us this year, Michael? Hopeful signs and trends moving in the right direction, he says:

“So, there it is: lots of hopeful signs to focus on at the end of 2011. If only the U.S. economy would lift its own weight after getting the Euro monkey off its back, 2012 could be the year that made us forget the last recession.”

Click on the following link to read Michael’s complete column:


The Savannah Morning News


5. MS/CS orientation in Atlanta last weekend

If you are a regular reader of this weekly Update, then you might remember that last week I told you about the WebMBA orientation in Atlanta.

Simultaneously, our computer science faculty – Lixin Li, Wen-Ran Zhang, Vladan Jovanovic, and Jim Harris – traveled to Atlanta as well and welcomed our second class of students in the Master of Science in computer science (MS/CS) program.

We held a one-day orientation for this class of 20 students and used the time to build a foundation for success in the program.

As you have already read, the MS/CS program has burst onto to the online scene in a big way with top tier rankings in U.S. News & World Report.

And, at the end of this Update, I have listed the names of our new MS/CS students who came from all over the country (Ohio, California, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia) to enroll in the program and attend the orientation.

Good luck, students!


6. Research roundup

Congratulations to Provost Ted Moore! Ted and his co-authors, Y. Shin and S. Han, learned this week that their article titled “Unsolicited versus solicited: Credit ratings and bond yields” has been accepted for publication in
the Journal of Financial Services Research. Outstanding!!

In addition to serving as provost and vice-president for academic affairs, Dr. Moore is a professor of finance in the College of Business Administration. We are proud of you, Ted!


7. FastPitch Competition coming in March

Georgia Southern was mentioned in a Savannah Morning News article titled “Entrepreneurial competition FastPitch to return in March.”

Luke Pittaway and our Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and Leadership have been directly involved in this event, which will celebrate its 4th anniversary on March 29, 2012. Click on the link below to read the article:


The Savannah Morning News


8. Alumna spotlighted by National Retail Federation

Rachel Wakefield (’12 BBA in marketing) was recently featured on the NRF Retail Careers Blog as a “future face of retail.” Check it out at the link below:


Future Face of Retail: Rachel Wakefield, Georgia Southern University


9. Welcome new subscribers

§ Myra Lynn Lyons Chasteen (06’ BBA management), who is the ministries liaison with New Life Sanctuary in Brunswick.
§ Brent Randall Jackson (’01 BBA management) is a sales/executive manager with Roto-Rooter in Jacksonville, FL.
§ Kim Kimball Lanier (’98 MBA, ’95 BBA management), who is the vice president/property manager for Lanier Realty in Bluffton.
§ Jennifer Harris Warren (’08 BBA management), who is the office assistant for Lady and Sons in Savannah.

Welcome new subscribers from the MS/CS orientation:

§ Corey Bort
§ Vanessa Cooper
§ Andrew Culclasure
§ Daniel Edmondson
§ Bobby Feather
§ Amanda Fouts
§ Michael Grecol
§ Michael Guerrier
§ Van Heath
§ Matthew Hoover
§ Reenu Iype
§ Eric Jahn
§ Rachel Lyons
§ Cory Nance
§ Charles Pilcher
§ Jared Rainey
§ Christopher Trickler
§ Rajesh Unnikrishnapillai
§ James Walker


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