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Due to the efforts of various library staff, compared to just a few years ago, we see fewer recyclable items in trash cans, and campus recycling staff visit the library more often than the delivery person bringing cases of toner cartridges and reams of paper. We are being green, helping our patrons be green, and $aving greenbacks – for both the Library’s budget and the students’technology fee.

In 2004 the Library purchased printing software, LPT1, that continues to save $$ and trees. With LPT1, an override is required for any print job over 50 pages, helping students from mistakenly printing an entire document off the internet when they only need one screen – which had been a regular occurrence. It also keeps non‐students from printing for free. Community users can request a card for use with LPT1 so that they can print within the Library.

More savings are generated by double‐sided printing and scanners. All print stations in the Library have double-sided as the default. By using a scanner, students can scan an article or photograph to a USB flash drive instead of paying to photocopy. The Library has eight flatbed scanners, an overhead book or 3‐D scanner and 2 microform reader/scanner/printers in the Learning Commons area located on the second floor.

The Library’s empty toner cartridges are sold to be repurposed. The $$ made is used to purchase books and videos on environmental topics such as sustainability as well as digital equipment for student checkout.

And for fun the Library’s Recycling Committee buys a few student Earth Day prizes to encourage them to become Southern Stewards – flash drives for sure and when funds are available an iPod Shuffle or Nano. Earth Day is officially celebrated annually on April 22nd. This year, Georgia Southern’s Earth Day celebration was Wednesday, April 20th from 10 am to 12 pm at the Russell Student Union Rotunda. Sponsored annually by SAGE (Student Alliance for a Green Earth), the event features an Art from Found Objects workshop sponsored by the library.

by Cynthia Frost, Assistant Access Services Librarian

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