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Following the death of a Georgia Southern student, the Student Government Association contributes funds toward the purchase of a library book in memory of the student. After the Dean of Students notifies Henderson Library, an appropriate book is selected based on the information known about the student. As the Coordinator of Content Management, I choose a book that honors the student’s memory, and ideally one that is relevant to that student’s life in some way. Click here for a link to the library catalog that lists student memorial books.

The Dean of Students lets us know the student’s major, and often we can glean more information from an obituary or even from Facebook or Myspace. For example, in 2008, a student passed away. His Myspace page includes this passage in “About Me”: “I have competed in equestrian competitions all over the East Coast, and one day hope to ride in the Olympics.” Based on this information, the Library dedicated Pita Kelekna’s book, The Horse in Human History, from Cambridge University Press. The book has a plate, as well as a note in the library catalog, explaining that it was a gift of the Student Government Association in memory of this student, and includes his name.

Sometimes we receive donations of books or funds in memory of persons, and these books contain similar book plates and library catalog notes. These can be rather large donations in some cases, such as the collections from the estates of Mr. George Burford Lorimer, Dr. Jacques H. Robinson, and Dr. V. Richard Persico. Some of these are still in the process of being catalogued. The Robinson collection contains approximately nine thousand items.

The annual “A Day for Southern” event provides a way to donate directly to the Henderson Library Memorials fund (#0569), with which we purchase books in memory of departed friends or family members. These books also contain book plates and corresponding notes in the library catalog.

If you’re interested in making a collection donation, please contact me, and I will work with you to select and/or transport your gifts to the Library. For financial donations, please contact Dean Bede Mitchell. You may also wish to review additional information on other funds that you may designate your “A Day for Southern” pledge. You can donate to the Library online. This is tax‐deductible.

We appreciate your support of the Henderson Library as we continue to build a 21st century research library to serve as the center of scholarship for Georgia Southern University.

–by Jonathan H. Harwell, Coordinator of Content Management

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