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BlackBerry users can now synchronize their BlackBerry’s built-in address book with their Google Apps contacts. Two-way sync happens automatically over the air.

How to access what’s new:
To use Google Sync or upgrade from the older version, visit from your BlackBerry browser.

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Google Sync (beta) is now available, and allows two-way push sync of Google Calendar and Gmail contacts data to iPhone and Windows Mobile devices through ActiveSync. Two-way contacts sync is also available for devices that support SyncML.

How to access what’s new:
Administrators must first enable Google Sync for their users. In the control panel, click ‘Services settings’ and choose ‘Mobile’. Check the box for ‘Enable Google Sync’ and click ‘Save changes’.

Users can then configure Google Sync for their mobile devices. The link below provides device-specific configuration instructions.

Note: Google Sync will replace all existing contacts and calendar information on your phone, so make sure to back up any important data before you get started.

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The following new features are available in Google Spreadsheets:
– A mobile-friendly view with filtering, sorting and row-by-row editing
– The ability to define attributes of a cell and require that input meets those data validation rules
– A form summary page with information about completed responses

How to access what’s new:
To access or create a spreadsheet in list view from your mobile device, visit from your mobile browser, but remember to replace “” in this address with your actual domain name.

To use data validation, select a cell from your spreadsheet, click ‘Tools’ from the menu bar and choose ‘Data validation’. Enter your attributes and click ‘Save’.

To view the form summary page, click ‘Form’ from the spreadsheet menu bar and choose ‘Show summary’.

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The new version of Gmail for mobile includes:
– New offline functionality that allows you to start Gmail for mobile, compose new messages and read recently read messages when offline.
– The new “floaty bar” menu can be used to perform batch actions such as archiving multiple messages quickly.

How to access what’s new:
Visit on your iPhone or Android-powered device. Be sure to replace ‘’ with your organization’s domain name. Continue by clicking the link for either Gmail or Calendar. If you have an Android device, click ‘Update now’ to enable Gears for offline access.

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