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April 22, 2009

Online tutorials for first-year students

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 First-Year Experience Awards!  Henderson Library would also like to recognize one of the nominees for the Faculty Outstanding First-Year Advocate Award, and point you to some online tutorials for first-year students, which are useful in locating, evaluating, and citing research sources while avoiding plagiarism.

Kudos to Ms. Lisa Smith, Information Services Librarian, for being nominated for this award by another faculty member involved with the First-Year Experience. The two worked together on the FYE task force, and Lisa’s hard work and dedication were justifiably commended.  In addition to presentations that Lisa has done on the FYE work, she has been an excellent campus representative for the library in her work in this area, and has dedicated considerable time and effort to collaborating with colleagues across campus in creating several information literacy modules, which are used by almost all FYE professors at Georgia Southern.

Here are links to the tutorials, which now reside on the Henderson Library’s “Information Literacy page” at
(Click on #4 Henderson Library Information Literacy Tutorials):

Evaluating Information Overview

(5 minutes, 23 seconds)











Avoiding Plagiarism


Citing Sources


Great job, Lisa!  (And thanks to Lori Lester for supplying the story!)

Find your very own Subject Specialist Librarian here!

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