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December 22, 2009

Mashing up WorldCat

If you know the meanings of the terms “API” and “mashup,” this might interest you…

“A new API is now available from OCLC that makes the world’s largest library catalog available to anyone and everyone in a programmatic way.

Called WorldCat Basic, this new API is being offered as a very simple interface into WorldCat. Envisioned as a mashable access point for lightweight apps, WorldCat Basic API is available to anyone and everyone for noncommercial use. It is expected to be of most interest to developers who may not have ties to the library community, but who want to include library and community-focused, green and sustainable options for finding books and information.”  Full story here.

If you’re not familiar with WorldCat (a compilation of library catalogs around the world, including our own Henderson Library), you can search the free interface here, or try advanced searching in WorldCat via GALILEO.

Got ideas for what to do with WorldCat?  Comment below!  (Thanks, Debra!)

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