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January 6, 2010

PIN’s for GIL

Beginning Monday, January 11, a new security feature will be put in
place for all patrons requesting GIL Express books, the GALILEO
password, or materials from the Automated Retrieval Collection.  It will
also come into play when patrons are renewing books or checking anything
in their “My Account” feature.  Users will be prompted to establish a
PIN  — a sort of password — and this PIN will be emailed to them.
While there have been no security breaches prior to this initiative, the
University System chose to be proactive and add this enhancement
before any hackers got in.

Our borrower records for almost all faculty, staff, and students
contain their Georgia Southern email addresses, but newly enrolled
students, newly hired faculty and staff, and some part time faculty and
staff may not have email addresses in our system.  If you make a request
and get an error message after January 11, please call the
Circulation/Reserve Desk at 478-5647 for assistance.   If you are new or
suspect you might not have an email address included, please email Marjorie Gay at


  1.   Lindra James-Gordon — January 18, 2010 @ 10:31 pm    

    Need a PIN

  2.   zachsnews — January 19, 2010 @ 10:07 am    

    Hi Lindra!

    Next time you log in to your library account (to request a GIL Express book, or a book from the ARC, for example), you’ll see a note about getting your PIN. All you’ll have to do is enter your EagleID number and your last name, then click on “Get My PIN” at the bottom of the page. The PIN will be e-mailed to your GA Southern e-mail address.

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