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August 6, 2010

Have you tried GIL-Find?

One year ago, the Zach S. Henderson Library introduced the beta version of a new search interface for the GIL catalog.  Called GIL-Find, this interface provides a more inclusive search with keywords or phrases, and then allows you to narrow the search results by topic, call number area, format, author, language, location, and more.  The GIL Classic interface will remain available for those who prefer to search our catalog that way.  Check out the screenshots below from the University of Georgia Libraries, another early adopter of GIL-Find.  Visit Georgia Southern’s GIL-Find here!

Get into GILFind:


Here’s what it looks like inside. Give it a whirl – you can’t break it! Post any questions below and we’ll address them ASAP.


In the days to come, we’ll have several posts about features of GIL-Find, so stay tuned!

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