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February 14, 2012

Hot Doc:From Representation to Inclusion: Diversity Leadership for the 21st Century Military

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Established under the provisions of The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009, Section 596, Public Law 110-417,  the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) released its final report on February 9, 2012 – “From Representation to Inclusion: Diversity Leadership for the 21st Century Military.”

The report  includes a vision statement: “The Department of Defense is committed to removing all barriers that would prevent service members from rising to the highest level of responsibility that their talents and capabilities warrant.”  The commission was created to review and recommend improvements to help the diversity in the military better reflect the composition of the US as a whole.  Among the 20 recommendations were ways the Defense Department can improve the “promotion of women and minorities.”  The commission also recommended that DOD rescind its policy that prevents women from being assigned to ground combat units.

*         Final report

*         Executive Summary

*         Press Release

*         Commission website  with related reports and papers

DOD articles

*         DOD Opens More Jobs, Assignments to Military Women

*         Panel Recommends Ways to Improve Military Diversity

*         Panel Says Rescind Policy on Women in Combat<

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